• Know the information is stored away somewhere in the database and need it for analysis?
  • Need to create customized reports or queries "just for you?"
  • Transform the data within your Student Information and Financial Accounting Systems into a support tool that assists you in making knowledgeable and informed decisions.

    Information needs to be readily available for decision support and reporting requirements.

    Our District Intelligence system allows you to access data items from your Student Information System and/or Financial Accounting System. Give your administrators and other key personnel the tools they need to make the best decisions based on the information available.

    Access to data items is user defined and password protected. Quires may be shared if desired.
    Created Customized Queries
    Users can easily create customized queries and reports by simple drag and drop techiques for all of the following:
    ~ Tables
    ~ Data Items
    ~ Filtiers
    ~ Sort Order
    Save & Recall
    Save queries for repetitive use. Queries may be arranged within folders for ease of use.
    Export to Excel
    Export to Microsoft Excel additional functionality.
    Printable Reports
    Printable query results

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