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After much thought and consideration, we have decided to postpone Interchange 2020 to 2021. In place of our winter conference, K-12 Solutions Group will be participating in the Infinite Campus National Training Week November 16-20, 2020.
CheckMate 3.2.8 Update!
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Integrated custom products to enhance your Infinite Campus experience.
Attendance Kiosk


Checkmate is an automated attendance kiosk for students, guests, substitutes, and employees. Attendance is automatically recorded in real time to Infinite Campus, saving countless hours of record keeping by school staff.


Section 504


Track and manage 504 eligible students within Infinite Campus. Our 504 tool allows districts to electronically monitor referrals, meetings, notifications, staff and parent input. Includes a teacher dashboard to easily review 504 plans.

Georgia State Reporting


ETCH: Error Tracking, Checking & Handling; Fully integrated with Infinite Campus to streamline Georgia state reporting. (FTE, Student Record, Student Class, CCRPI) This tool also contains M.A.R.S. to help identify at risk students.

Social Work


Use this tool to track teacher concerns, referrals to Social Worker, case notes and agency referral tracking. From individual interactions to group sessions, track your minutes, students attending, activities offered and provided.



Eliminate the need to hand-calculate employee C-records. Import your system's HR file and watch as the CPI tool merges it with district assignment information found in Infinite Campus, creating a complete CPI file for all staff.




Let Gifted Eligibility Manager help your district track your Gifted Eligibility information for students. Automatically updates gifted fields for state reporting purposes based on data input.

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Safety Organization System tracks emergency situations from start to finish using Infinite Campus as its data source. Staff can immediately designate their room number and account for any students present in their location simply by toggling those students' names.

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Our PBIS tool helps you track behavioral patterns in your district. Using data straight from Infinite Campus, school staff can avoid double-entry of behavior incidents and focus on what counts.

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Other Products

View our other custom products, and drop us a line with ideas of your own!

Checkmate Plus features:
  • Check In/Out - Students, Guests, Employees, Substitutes
  • Real time attendance and employee time tracking
  • Save attendance clerks time with the use of the Checkmate Kiosk
  • Easily track guests using driver's license scan and webcam functionality
  • Print hall passes and name badges for stuents, guests ,and substitutes

Checkmate Pro features:
  • Georgia Sex Offender Registry check
  • Customize your greeting message on any kiosk(s)
  • Customize the colors of your kiosk(s)
CheckMate is a fully integrated attendance tracking system within Infinite Campus.

504 Staff

504 Dashboard: Create student referrals, schedule meetings and send information such as meeting invites, notice of rights and input forms to parents and staff electronically. Use the dashboard to monitor staff signatures, review plans, and track meeting dates such as annual review and re-evals.

504 Staff

504 Staff Dashboard: Allows teachers to view 504 plans easily and sign acknowledging they have reviewed the plan. Staff can also monitor the status of the student's progress and view meeting invites as well as staff input forms.

504 Plans

504 Plans: Student 504 plans available in Campus with the option to print in a PDF format.

504 Reports

504 Reports: Many report options available for district and school level staff.

504 Settings

504 Settings: Customize settings for district specific processes such as meeting questions, staff input forms, classroom accommodations and much more!

FTE State Reporting

FTE: Estimate district error and funding reports for FTE; use built-in processes to validate errors, and easily upload errors from DoE

Georgia State Funding

Funding: Estimate potential state funding for schools; highlights where funding is lost

At Risk Students

MARS: Manage at risk students; allow district or school to determine students who may need more attention or help

SR State Reporting

Student Record: Estimate district errors for Student Record; use built-in processes to validate errors, and easily upload errors from DoE

DataMate: allow district or school level staff to review and correct errors; ensure data accuracy in advance of State reporting deadlines

Georgia SC

Student Class: Estimate district errors for Student Class; use built-in processes to validate errors, and easily upload errors from DoE

Social Work

Concern Dashboard: Track each concern submitted by staff members, and quickly close or escalate concerns to referrals

Social Work

Referral Dashboard: Easily create, edit, and view your referrals through the searchable dashboard

Social Work

Student Overview: View a convenient breakdown of all concerns, referrals or activities related to any given student in SWARM

Social Work

Activity Dashboard: Keep a record of each meeting or activity with individual students or student groups

Custom Settings: Easily customize drop lists, warning message and more through the settings page (including State Reporting mapping)

Social Work

Notifications: Receive automatic notifications through your Infinite Campus process inbox or email for new concerns and referrals


Set parameters for the current CPI reporting period. Import staff records using your district's existing HR text file.


View entire list of employees. Track current staff (listed in black) vs. terminated staff (in red). Add additional staff as needed.

CPI C records

Modify CPI A, B or C information. Delete unnecessary C-records or entire listings. Mark validated listings as verified.

CPI course report

Confirm at a glance that all courses connect to their corresponding subject matter codes. Toggle to check for courses without any subject codes associated.

CPI reporting

View breakdown reports for certificate type, fund code, field code, subject matter code, and job code (shown here). Click any line to receive a list of employee names in each category.

CPI visuals

Examine graphical reports for Field Status and Type Code. Export any breakdown report in csv format.

Screening Panel

Screening Panel: Use the screening panel to track information such as screening date, screening source, gifted referral and parent consent.

Reciprocity Panel

Reciprocity Panel: Use the reciprocity panel to track screening information for transfer students.

Testing Panel

Testing Panel: The testing panel allows districts to enter assessment scores and will auto calculate a student's gifted eligibility based on the customizable assessment matrix.

Eligibility Panel

Eligibility Panel: Once eligibility is determined, the eligibility panel tracks gifted eligibility, parent consent to serve, gifted status, effective date and gifted service plan. This data automatically updates the gifted fields for state reporting on the student's line of enrollment.

High Potential Panel

High Potential Panel: Easily track high potential or high achieving students with use of the high potential panel. Districts determine if a school has the ability to serve high potential students.

Assessment Matrix

Assessment Matrix: Districts can create custom test in GEM to predefine the available assessment options on the testing panel. This also allows districts to define the criteria for gifted eligibility with the use of an assessment matrix.

Admin Dash

Administrator View: Allow administrators to quickly and efficiently check the status and location of students.


Reports and Event History: Generate detailed reports of past events, including a complete log of all students, staff and other personnel involved.


Reunification: Easily navigate SOS's reunification process to ensure each student is returned to their parent or guardian.

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The Five Ws

School Dash: Analyze student behavior, starting from broad patterns and drilling down through specific scenarios.

Classroom Dash

Classroom Dashboard: Teachers can easily track major, minor, and positive behavior for each of their classes.


Year-Over-Year Reports: Allow administration and district level staff to view year to year trends across the district or in a particular school.

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